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County Sanitation Company has provided excellent service to homeowners and business owners throughout Santa Barbara County, Ventura County for almost 40 years. Santa Barbara County Sanitation and Septic is able to offer a one-stop-solution for all your septic and sanitation needs. From system maintenance to system installation we have the experience and knowledge to make your system function efficiently. Whatever your septic needs are, County Sanitation and septic in Santa Barbara provides several options for your residential septic or business. Feel free to call our office and speak with our knowledgeable sanitation staff members.

We take care of our customers the way we would want to be taken care of.

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Septic & Sewer Services – If your home has a septic system, you will need to keep it clean and maintained.

Septic Inspection


Regular inspections of your complete septic system can and will save you money down the road. There are several parts to a septic system that can fail or begin to fail at different times.

Sewer Repair


Whether your system needs a new baffle, drain field cleaning, or new lines installed, we have the experience and expertise to make sure the repair is done correctly.



In advanced or secondary wastewater treatment, septic tank effluent is purified to a level suitable for subsurface drip irrigation. Media filter technology, in use for more than 100 years, is a science-based technology…the gold standard for advanced treatment.



A drywell is a subterranean temporary storage unit designed for passively displacing stormwater runoff. It can be as simple as a large hole in the ground or made from a prefabricated chamber with perforated sides. Also known as a soakway, a drywell captures excess water and disperses it back into the ground.


Septic Certification for Sale Properties

We offer a full inspection report to the Buyer and Seller, which is usually required by escrow.